10k champions (participants)!

On Sunday, Allie and I ran in the Busan 10k. While training, I was thinking, “running kind of sucks,” but after the race, I’m thinking otherwise. We did better than we expected! Allie finished at 51:53 (8:21/mile) and I finished at 46:40 (7:31/mile). So now that we’re encouraged… should we do another one?

Allie and I (notice my shirt sponsorship!) (don’t notice my floppy hair.)


The girls on Haeundae Beach after winning: Allie, Alex & Nikki


Us in front of our “Waeguks got runs” tent. Waeguk is the Korean cover-all term for “foreigner.” We hear it a lot. This picture kind of looks like a campaign for Patrick for President. L-to-R: Allie, me, Patrick, Steve, Tom, Alex.


The boys and the medals, on Haeundae Beach. Tom, Dave, Tom & Steve.


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