June 25th

Starting with me, going clockwise: Tom, Mel, Steve, Nikki, Allie



10k champions (participants)!

On Sunday, Allie and I ran in the Busan 10k. While training, I was thinking, “running kind of sucks,” but after the race, I’m thinking otherwise. We did better than we expected! Allie finished at 51:53 (8:21/mile) and I finished at 46:40 (7:31/mile). So now that we’re encouraged… should we do another one?

Allie and I (notice my shirt sponsorship!) (don’t notice my floppy hair.)


The girls on Haeundae Beach after winning: Allie, Alex & Nikki


Us in front of our “Waeguks got runs” tent. Waeguk is the Korean cover-all term for “foreigner.” We hear it a lot. This picture kind of looks like a campaign for Patrick for President. L-to-R: Allie, me, Patrick, Steve, Tom, Alex.


The boys and the medals, on Haeundae Beach. Tom, Dave, Tom & Steve.

Sorry, It’s been a while…

Yeah, so it’s been busy here! Allie’s working and doing design school work during her free time, and I’ve been working on our other blog, Busan Awesome! Actually, we started hosting on our own now, so check it out!

(and keep checking… i’m learning how to do stuff and putting things in pretty fast!)



The other day I saw something that said, “It’s an analogue life.” Not sure what that means. Not sure when this picture was taken, either. It WAS, however, taken with an analogue camera, so I guess this saying is appropriate. Right?

This weekend we went questing for a new camera. We’re looking at Micro four-thirds cameras, and can’t decide between the Sony NEX-5 and the Olympus E-PL2. Lordy. More on that later.

Where do all the people live?

Housing, Korean style.

Panorama Fun

One of our plastic cameras is a panorama. Awesome. I love how the edges aren’t perfectly straight. Shot with ASA 200 film.

Patrick, Allie & Alex at PNU area (Pusan Nat’l University):

Up out of the metro (Busan Modern Art Museum station):

Busan Modern Art Museum, lobby:

First Day of “Spring”

So yes, it’s only February, but last weekend was wildly warm, so we had brunch on the beach. Whoa! Alliteration station!

Here was our brunch at Breeze Burns. It’s a little underwhelming, but hey, this is Korea. They don’t really do brunch here.

Anyway, babe and a beach. Woo! Diamond bridge in the background.

The girls walking. L-to-R: Rebecca, Julia, Allie